The Perfect Indoor Picnic

Do you ever get bored of evening meals? When we were children, we loved the days of unconventional meals, which means that sometimes as an adult, you need to get a little unconventional to have fun. You have to think about how important it is to you to have fun as a grown up and if you love a little of it from time to time, why not change up how you do your dinners? 


Moving from the table to the floor for an indoor picnic might not be a bit of you, but if you’re happy to take food outside and eat on the grass in an unfamiliar place, then this should be a piece of cake. Sitting on the floor to eat doesn’t have to be uncouth or impolite. In fact, if it’s just the two of you and some Japanese food with umami sauce, it doesn’t have to be anything short of romantic! Lay blankets out, throw around some pillows and add a crackling fire to the TV just for some ambience and you’ve got yourself the perfect setting. But what about the menu? Well, you could go with a specific cuisine, but let’s take a look at this one below!

Image Source: Pexels

  • To drink. From lemonade (home made, of course) to a tray of wine glasses and icy sodas, you can really get creative with your drinks menu. You could choose to have drinks for every course if you want to! The point here is that you get to be choosy about your drinks selection. It’s the lemonade that will win it, though. This homemade, chilled drink is going to give your indoor picnic a summer feel.
  • To start. Pasta salad pots with beans and cold peas is going to go down a treat! As it’s a starter dish, think about making it smaller. Serve up in ramekins or singular dishes and everyone gets an individual portion without overfilling before the main event. 
  • To enjoy. The main dish is the big event. Now, as this is a blanket picnic, it’s probably not a good idea to serve up everything that comes with a knife and fork! What you could do, though, is go for filled sandwiches. We’re talking packed out sandwiches with stacks of filling. You could offer a range of hot and cold meats, cheese, pickles and more. To go for something different, you could even leave a line of fillers and have everyone make their own sandwiches as part of the fun.
  • To the side. Potato salad, regular salad, coleslaw, finger foods – picnic food is so much fun and it’s even more fun to find options that everyone will enjoy.
  • To finish. Dessert. Can you even have a picnic without a dessert? Of course, not. Stick with the finger food routine for dessert, too. Go for mini everything: eclairs, doughnuts, fruit with dips – it’s all perfect for an inside picnic so choose it all and have a mini feast for your dessert.