A Step-By-Step Guide For An Amazing Home Spa Experience

Spas can be a blissfully relaxing experience where we can truly unwind and be pampered. A wide range of treatments such as facials, manicures and massages can leave us feeling like we’re walking on air. But they can also come with a hefty price tags. Spa days might be a wonderful gift for a special occasion but it is rare that they can become a regular outing. But is there a way to achieve that uplifting, pampered feeling at home? It’s easier than you think! With a few products and a bit of forward planning, you can transform your own bathroom and bedroom into an affordable spa experience. And if you have a little extra cash, and a spare bit of garden, why not look at getting a hot tub? If you live in Denver then you can easily check out these hot tubs for sale Denver, however, if you live elsewhere, then there are plenty of other places where you can get hot tubs from. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting outside in a hot tub and watching the sunset in your garden. It’s a great way to relax and can create the ultimate home spa experience.

Fresh Towels and Sheets


It may seem like a small detail, but freshly laundered sheets, towels and throws can make all the difference. Warm, fragrant blankets can create a sumptuous atmosphere. We will feel confident lying on beautifully fresh sheets after we have just bathed and scrubbed. We may even find we sleep better! If you have guests or friends joining you for your stay-at-home spa day, pick up a few extra towels or suggest that they bring their own favorite.

Plan Your Treatments

Before you rush out and buy any extra beauty supplies, think carefully about what your “treatments” will be. Do you plan to give yourself a facial, for example? Be sure to check the bathroom cabinet for a suitable cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You may want to add a gentle exfoliator or serum to the routine. But the only extra item you’ll really need is steam! Run a sink full of hot water and lean over it with freshly cleansed skin. Your pores will be open and easier to cleanse of impurities. You may already have a whole host of beauty products going to waste. Now is the time to find that pumice stone and foot balm you never used. Why don’t you decide to get the most out of your home spa experience by deciding to invest in an ion cleanse so that all of the toxins that are in your body can be removed through your feet? You may find that it has a better impact on you instead of simple foot creams. If you don’t have time to get one though, these types of creams can work just as good. Or hand moisturizer that you never have time to apply. But if you find that you need a few replacement items, a company like Friends beauty supply has everything. It can be less time consuming to visit a “one stop shop” than endlessly browse the high street. You don’t want to waste any time that you could use for relaxing!

Create An Atmosphere

Spas often achieve a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere by using both fragrance and lighting. Achieving this at home can be far easier than you think. A room spray or reed diffuser can infuse the room with delicate and soothing scents. Fragrant candles can also add to the aroma as well as creating ambient lighting. Any Christmas fairy lights that you have spare can be strewn across table tops or laced along the curtain poles. Adding soft, sparkling lighting takes minimal effort but achieves maximum impact. Try it today!

Mood Music
Complete silence can be a luxury for those who are used to demanding or noisy workplaces. But it is also easy to become drawn into our own anxieties and worrying thoughts when it is silent. If you are concerned about this, try adding some gentle soothing music in the background. Many people favor nature sounds such as gentle wind, the sound of the sea, or ambient forest sounds. You can find some great examples online. Songs with lyrics or a heavy beat can tend to wake us up when we’re trying to unwind! Use sound to help you drift into a space of peace and relaxation.