home improvement projects to do before the baby comes

Nesting is a normal part of the pregnancy cycle. It often comes in the form of an extra burst of energy to deep clean, make repairs, and finish projects around the house. Some believe that nesting is a type of desire to get your home ready for your new baby. As you prepare for your new bundle of joy, make sure that you complete the following five home improvement projects.

Put Permanent Baby Gates on all Stairways


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Stairs are another concern for new babies. They do not yet know how to walk, yet alone climb the stairs. They also don’t understand the danger of the stairs. Temporary baby gates can pinch smaller children’s fingers and can easily be pushed over or broken. If you live in a home with many stairways, consider installing permanent baby gates to keep your little one safe.

Babyproof the Electrical Outlets

Babies spend much time on the floor, especially once they are old enough to crawl. They’re interested in the world around them, and they want to explore it. Since so many electrical outlets are low to the ground, you need to cover them. Electrical outlet covers make sure that your baby is not harmed if your newborn’s finger or toe comes into contact with an outlet.

Schedule Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets easily collect germs and hundreds of different types of bacteria. Babies spend a great deal of time pulling themselves around on the floor. They also spend several hours each day putting their fingers and toes in their mouths. Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning before your baby comes can reduce your newborn’s exposure to illnesses and diseases that may arise from dirty carpeting.

Freshen the Paint Throughout the House

Paint is on many homeowner to-do lists. Although the idea of painting the entire house may feel overwhelming, the job is best done before your baby arrives. The smells from paint are dangerous to a newborn. Also, if your home consists of outdated paint with potential traces of lead, paint chips and debris could harm your baby if ingested. Update the paint in your home as you prepare for your new baby.

Upgrade Your Home’s HVAC System

Babies can cry at the slightest sign of discomfort. If they are hungry, they cry. If they are wet, they cry. Understandably, extreme heat or cold can also cause them to cry. Relying on an older HVAC system that needs constant repairs can leave you in the cold or heat. Upgrading your current HVAC system is a great way to ensure a comfortable temperature. Consider going with an efficient and low-maintenance ductless HVAC system that you can count on to work.

Babies require significant responsibility. Much of your attention and time shifts toward caring for the infant. You will find that you don’t have extra time for needed home repairs and services. However, you can reduce your anxiety and worry of providing a safe residence by completing the above “nesting” home improvement projects ahead of time.

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