3 Weekends You Havent Bothered with Since Having Kids

Once you’ve had children, and you’ve been raising them and working since as long as you can remember, it can be all too easy to forget about maintaining your relationship. Even though it may seem impossible, it’s important to find ways to connect as a couple. Here are three weekend ideas that you’ve probably forgotten how much you used to enjoy – so when the children go to summer camp, or to a sleepover, get active.


The Couple’s Break


Where did you used to go? It doesn’t have to be somewhere memorable or personal – since you’re a different couple now why not acknowledge that by going somewhere new. You could fly to an upscale hotel in New York and have a dream date in a restaurant you can’t possibly afford. Or, now you’re more mature, why not go for a hiking break? There are hundreds of hiking trails just waiting to be discovered. You could head up into the mountains, keeping an eye out for rare birds, or take a desert trail if you can take the heat.


Even though you have the choice of all the diverse natural locations the country offers, sometimes you can have a great time filling your head with history and culture. Have you ever been to the Washington State History Museum? When the children are out the way, sometimes there’s nothing more exciting than doing something they’d find incredibly boring. Presenting it this way can be a good way of avoiding the jealousy of the uninvited children.


The Concert


When’s the last time you saw your favorite band? Have you ever made it to see the stars you want to listen to live on stage? We aren’t all in the habit of checking what’s on at the nearest big city, but more goes on than you’d think. Have the two of you ever been to a comedy night together? It can make a real change from watching it on the TV, and it’s easy to organize when you visit www.ticketsales.com where there are thousands of events waiting for you. Again, it might be worth putting the kids off with a trip to the theater.


The Weekend Project


When you’ve got children, it can be hard to keep up with the basic chores around the house – so how are you expected to fit in the longer jobs that the two of you used to enjoy? If you’ve got a weekend to yourself, why not finally sort out the vegetable patch you’ve always said you would. Or is there a room that’s bugged you for years? De-nineties the room completely, no matter how big the job, and do it together. Whether it’s repainting, plastering or even if it involves taking up the old floorboards – as you get older these jobs not only become more and more urgent, but there’s also more and more pleasure to taken from getting an old job or ambition completed.  

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