Get Charged for the Holidays


Do you need more balance and harmony in your life?  Do you know someone else who does?  Then Charged Jewelry is a perfect gift to have on your list.  The stones on each one are special to what you want to charge in your life.  Each bracelet is made with a specific stone to help charge a certain part of your life


I think they must have read my fb page before they sent them to me.  With little guy now is school and bringing home everything we all know I could use a charge to my health. lol

Charge your peace


Charge your truth


Charge your health


What I love about these is they are very sophisticated yet still a statement piece.  These are not only beautiful bracelets; they are also fantastic by themselves or even a few together.    They have so many to choose from you are sure to find the ones that speak to you in no time.  They really will go with everything.   I loved that their web site is really easy to order from.  You don’t have to go hunting for what you are looking for.  It’s as simple as pick click and buy.


When you are thinking of the perfect gift for her this Holiday season make sure to check out Charged Jewelry she will love the beauty of these fantastic bracelets.  I very much believe in the healing power of stones and other items.  I am in love with Charged Jewelry.

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I got this free in exchange for an honest review

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