Let them get creative with Geomag

We got this Geomag set free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are our own

My little guy loves building.  When we can find something he loves we try and keep him stocked with those toys so he keeps on building.  A little more building time and a little less screen time is always good.  Geomag has a wide range of toys that any builder will go nuts for. The Magi Cube from Geomag was one of his favorite he still takes them out every day.


This time we got the chance to try out the Geomag Mechanics Gravity set.  This was not only great to build but he loves to watch it work.  Of course he has now taken the balls and hidden them they are his favorite. lol

If you have a little one that needs works on their hand eye coordination then this set is perfect.  the pieces are also easy to click together.  So no straining their little hands to try and get it together.  This is a great activity to do wit your kids and after you are done hours of fun for them


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