My First 3D Pen

We got this awesome 3D pen free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are our own.

Do you have a creative kid?  Have you heard of 3D printing?  Then you must check out the My First 3D pen.  This is perfect for kids who are just starting out to get creative.  This pen comes in 2 colors and will be hours of fun and creativity for your kids.

With this pen there are so many different awesome creations you can make.  You can bring your drawings to life or create from scratch.  Its amazing the things that kids can come up with that us adults would have never thought of.

This pen has a rechargeable battery and is wireless when operating. It is safe to the touch there is no hot spots for your little ones to burn them selves on. It will pre heat in 30 seconds and be ready to fill with the Filament.


You can buy many colors for them to create with and it also comes with a nice supply for them to get started.

The 3D Pen Starter Kit is a great starter kit to encourage kids and parents to draw in 3D, encouraging special awareness and fun play. It costs $49.90 that is such an awesome deal.  It is available in red or blue, it is wireless, rechargeable and safe to use.



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