Forever Pure Beauty

Forever Pure Beauty

I got the chance to try out a few items from forever pure beauty and loved them.

I got the chance to try out three different items The Brazen Raisin lip gloss, the Finishing powder blush, and the Organic Toner. She also sent this wonderful compact that is just way to cute.  It is so hard these days to find some great organic makeup and especially toner so I was very excited to see how well they held up with my busy day but also with my sensitive skin.  This make up is 100% all natural and gluten free. They have some great products for everyone weather you have oily skin sensitive skin or dry skin they have a great product for you.  The first thing I noticed about their web site when I signed on was that customer happiness is their #1 goal.  This to me tells me that they not only make a great product but they will do everything they can to make sure you find the best product for their customers  I love to find a company that believe in their products so much they can make this their number one goal.  As we all know if customers are not happy no one is happy.

The first one I tried was the organic toner.  Let me tell you I am a toner lover could not live without it.  No matter how many times I was my face I use a little toner and am amazed every time how much more stuff comes off my skin.  I was very cereous to see how an organic toner would work this was my first time using it.  I absolutely loved it.  It worked wonderful on my skin.  I had no reaction and it was nice knowing that I was not using any harmful chemicals on my face.  One other thing that I loved about this toner is it came with a spray top.  I have always used the ones you just pour out onto the cotton poof.  This was a nice surprise just 2-3 squirts and I had all I needed.  I did not waste a bit and this will make my toner last a lot longer.  LOVED IT

The second one I tried was the lip glass in Brazen Raisin.  As you all know I am a lip gloss lover and this one not only had a fantastic color was went on smooth and was not sticky at all.  Their lip gloss is 100% gluten free and made with a citrus oil to give you just a hint of flavor.  Want to make your lips really pop try using a great lipstick like their Dragon fruit or twisted papaya and use this great gloss on the inside of your lips for a great color.


The third one I tried was the Finishing powder blush.  A great finishing powder will not only give you a natural glow but will help your pours look smaller and even out your skin tones.  This one was not only did all this but also a great color and had a great top on it when you opened it up they had a easy way for you to get some out to use but to not over use it.  See picture below.  This gave my skin a great glow while also being very light so it did not feel like I was wearing layer over layer on my face.

I loved all three of these products and would not hesitate to recommend any of their products to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below


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