Finding A Home Fit For An Office

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Running a home-based business is challenging. You have the responsibility of getting all the work done for your clients while in a space that has many more distractions than an office. On top of this, you have to show that you are a serious business. This could mean getting Letterheads to show professionalism, ensuring no kids are in the house during phone calls or video meetings, looking for new ways to promote yourself and getting feedback from customers. There are also unique issues that only home-based business encounter — for example, moving house.

If you have a home-based business which you run, and you are thinking of moving home soon, then you will obviously need to find some kind of a way to make these two ends meet as well as possible. Unfortunately, that might be a little trickier than you would probably hope, and it will probably mean that you need to think long and hard about what you are actually going to need to look for in that property. One thing that people also struggle with is making their address sound prestigious enough for people to trust your business, but if it’s just a home address this can look unprofessional. Luckily, there are services available for you to get using a registered office, where mail is forwarded onto your own home address and your office name sounds much more professional.

This makes picking a new home slightly easier. And once you’ve reached some conclusions, you’ll be in a much better position to instruct your real estate agent (such as In this post, we are going to take a look at this process, so that it will hopefully be a little easier for you. What are some of the things that you should look out for if you are trying to find a home which is truly fit for your business’ office? Let’s take a look and see what you should consider.


The most important and obvious thing that you are going to need is space. Most of all, you will need a dedicated room somewhere in the house which you can use as your office, and if a property doesn’t have that then you are unlikely to be able to use it as such. Of course, to get that right you first need to know what kind of space you need, how big your office needs to be, so that you can check it out. That requires an awareness of the extent of your home business, which might be easy enough if you are already in the thick of it. Whatever kind of space you think you need, be sure to find an attentive realtor like Sotheby’s Realty and tell them what you need, so that they can find you only properties which are likely to work out well for you and your home-based business.

Noise Reduction

Chances are, you are going to need to focus well on your work, and for most people that will mean a certain low level of ambient noise. In order to achieve the right noise level, you will of course need to make sure that your new home has the right kind of layout. In an ideal world, your office will be somewhere remote, perhaps at the other end of the home to the main living areas, and a bigger home will obviously make that a lot easier. Make there is no machinery or electrical equipment nearby that create ambient noise. If there is, consider changing them to include ac drives which not only save energy but also reduce ambient noise. You might even just want to be able to build an outhouse or shed for your office, in which case you’ll be looking at what kind of garden space you have, and whether that is going to be possible.


It’s important to take breaks, no matter how much you might generally pride yourself on working hard. If you don’t, you will only find that you end up with your work quality worsening, and that you are much less likely to be able to get as much done. You should look for a home set in an area which can accommodate such breaks, bearing in mind that you might want to go outside for those periods. Living next to a park, for instance, might be the ideal way to make sure of this, and it’s something to consider.

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