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                 Dream Farm Review And Bacon Red Bean Recipe


I got the chance to try out this great supoon from Dream Farm and what is the best way to try out a cooking tool?  That is right to make a great meal with it.




For this recipe you will need red beans, an onion (I used yellow) , Garlic, bacon, red peppers, chilie pepper,Chilie powder.   

And a great supoon that will not sit on your counter picking up germs and making a mess.  Have you ever put your spoon on your counter while cooking just to realize you never cleaned the counter?  Happens to me all the time.  Yes I do have a spoon rest but let’s be honest I look at it and think well if I use it I will have to clean 1 more thing.lol


First I soak my beans overnight it will hydrate them and cut down on cooking time in the morning. When you are ready to start drain the beans and rinse.

Then I cut up my bacon and start cooking it. I use a LB of bacon but this is up to you my hubby is a bacon lover.

    While this is cooking I press my garlic and chop very very small ½ of my onion.

Save time for later chop the other 1/2 of the onion and freeze for a later use, why do it twice. 🙂

When the bacon is almost done I drain most of the grease I leave a little for flavor and add in the onion and garlic.  I let these cook together for awhile while constantly stirring.

When these have blended well together I add my beans and water.

Add my seasoning and just let cook for about 3-4 hrs stirring occasionally.

Cut some bread add a little butter and yummy umm great warm meal done.  You can also throw all ingredients in the slow cooker for a finished meal when you get home.


When the beans are cooking I rest the supoon against the pan it never warmed up and was quick and easy to walk by and stir.    I found this to be a great all around tool in the kitchen.  It was not only a spoon but also had an edge like a spatula for stirring and flipping and does not scratch the pan. It truly went from spatula, to spoon to serving utensil and it was all in one.  I used this one supoon threw the whole meal ushly I would have had to use three different tools to cook this. It was quick and easy to clean nothing stuck to it so it just washed right off. A great kitchen tool 100% suggest to everyone this will replace a whole lot in my drawer.


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