Wow Wee Dipping Sauce

                           Wow Wee Dipping Sauce


I got the chance to try this dipping sauce this week. It really lived up to its name.


  When I opened it up and smelled it I had to try it on snack foods i.e., hot wings, potato skins, French fries.  I could not begin to describe the flavor there are so many in this one it was wonderful.  I could sware that the flavor of the sauce changed just a little with each different thing we dipped in it.  Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it tasted completely different with each item I am saying I could taste a little something different come out when we pared it with different items.


 I truly think this is a great tasting dipping sauce.  I have seen from there facebook page a lot of people use it with fish which will be our next experiment with it.  Now for my warning unless you would like a very hot experience I would pair the original with the hot wings. I of course had to dip my first bite of extra spicy hot wings with the Cajon and wooo hooo. This mama needed some

 I used the original with the rest of the wings and it was perfect calmed down the spiciness perfect with giving a little more flavor.  Lesson for this review don’t always buy the spice’s hot wing you can find and just in case you do make sure you have some wow wee dipping sauce around to help save the flavor.


This is a great product to have around the house to give any food a little extra kick of flavor. 


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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below



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