Soda Stream

Soda Stream

Wooo Hooo do I love soda. So its got to be a pretty good soda to impress me and soda stream did.



It was easy to use just put in the carbonation tube fill with cold water , carbonate it and poor in your flavor and done, you get fresh soda in about 2 minutes.  A few things I loved about this machine.

  1. You don’t have to make a 2 liter, for my family as soon as you get ½ way threw a 2 liter it is flat and goes to waste.
  2. No plugging in. that is right if you are like me you have ton’s of appliances, that all have to be plugged in you run out of room and plugs this one no plug. Woo hoo
  3. So many great flavors you can have something new every day.
  4. Easy to use and very quick to make.
  5. No storing tons of 2 liters or can’s
  6. My trash is not full of soda boxes and cans.


They have so many great flavors you can try. So far my fav’s are of course the cola, lemon lime, root beer, and the green tea citrus.


If you like mixed drinks I total recommend the cranberry raspberry makes a great mix drink .


I would totally recommend this product to everyone. It is a great machine easy to use and clen up is almost nothing. Even if you are not a soda drinker they have ginger-ale, energy drink’s, lemonaid and so many others.

To see all there great flavors and different machines go here

And don’t forget to join them on facebook here.

I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.