Before You Travel This Holiday Pack DiaResQ!

When my little guy was young I had what my husband called my OMG bag it went every where with me.  If you ever had a 2 year’s diaper explode while you were traveling you know why you need this bag.  It was always filled with wipes, new clothes, meds, towels, and more.  Everything I needed for an emergency.  I wish I would have DiaResQ to add to my bag.  This could have come in handy when I was on one of my trips to California with little guy.

With the holidays fast approaching, make sure to pack a product that can help you stay healthy while you’re away. Did you know that up to 70% of travelers experience diarrhea on their trip? That’s why DiaResQ is a must to take with you!  It’s really unique because it is a food, not a drug, made from naturally derived ingredients to provide rapid relief. In fact, it is the first product of its kind!

How Does DiaResQ Work?

DiaResQ works with your body to support digestive health and restore normal intestinal function. It features an innovative combination of immune factors and important nutrients like protein and B2 for soothing relief. Plus, it is safe for children as young as one year in age!

How is DiaResQ Different?

Many diarrhea products alleviate the symptoms by interfering with your body’s natural immune response when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you. That can actually delay your body’s own natural healing mechanisms. DiaResQ is different because it works with your body’s natural defenses to support digestive health and get you back to normal in no time!  


Where Can I Find DiaResQ?

You can find DiaResQ at Amazon, Target, CVS, Walmart and these additional retailers. Get $3 off DiaResQ now through November 24th at CVS. No code or coupon necessary!