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As you all know I love great games I can play with little guy that helps him learn.  Weather its memory, motor skills, logic or addition, everything he learns is another tool in his arsenal for the future RoosterFin Games has a great collection .  I love that since they are games he has no idea he is working on these learning skills.  To him its just a great time.

We got to check out 3 great games

Monkeys Up

This is a great game you goal is to collect 3 of the highest numbered monkeys.  Place all monkeys number side down in the middle of the table.  Each player picks 3 monkeys they can see their numbers but don’t show anyone else.  Then you start by rolling the dice then you sill flip, switch , steal, and reverse.  The game ends when any of the players has 3 monkeys switched in front of them.

As you all know little guy loves stacking things and red things so he also loved just hanging out and seeing how high he could stack these and if he could do it in number order.


Rooster Race

A great high low game your kids are going to get hooked on.

Shuffle all the cards first. Flip the top cards on the table. Deal 14 cards to each player face down. No looking at your cards.  Place all cards in a pile nest to the flipped cards .

You will take turn guessing if the card they are going to flip is higher or lower then the card in the center.   Youngest gets to go first.  Then they guess High or low if they get it right you get a corn if you get it wrong you have to give up a corn.

After all cards are gone the player with the most corn wins.


Ninja Squirrels

Can you match the color of the nuts?  First you will want to set up your circle and place one nut in each mini circle inside.  Then you shuffle the cards and distribute evenly.  As always the youngest goes first.   They will flip the first card into the center of the ring. players take turns flipping their card in the center until a matching card is flipped.   A matching cars has a ninja squirrel and acorn that are the same color.

When a matching card is places on the pile all players try and grab the matching acorn on the ring.  The first player to grab it wins and gets to keep the acorn.

The game ends when either all the cards are flipped or all the Acorns are gone which ever comes first.



Want even better news you can buy all three of these RoosterFin games together.  Just a few clicks on the web site and you are going to be ready for your own family game night in no time.


I got these free in exchange for an honest review