Desk Cycle

Desk Cycle

Are you like me?  DO you sit at a desk for most of the day?  I try and get up and moving a few times an hour , but lets be honest when I get working I get distracted and realized its been hours.  I needed a way to get up and start moving. Desk Cycle gave me a way to keep moving all day long.


Now lets give you a little info on how easy this is to use.  This was ready to use right away.  It was light weight I could pick up and movie from under the desk to next to the couch.  Sometimes I work from the couch.  I could never do that will a full size bike.     The peddle movement was very smooth so no jerky reactions distractions me while I was peddling and working.

The price point for the Desk Cycle is fantastic under $200 for something you will use daily.  I was a little weary when I first got it if I would actually add this into my daily routine, but it fit right in.  I don’t have to actually change anything in my routine so it fit right in.

If you are like me and always looking for the little ways to get healthier then the Desk Cycle is a must.  It is so simple to use and will make a huge impact on your health.

Make sure that Desk Cycle is on your list for the year you will not be disappointed.


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