Country Crush The Musical

Country Crush

Country Crush

Looking for a new go to movie this year?  Than checking out Country Crush is a must.  This is a fun love story with some great music.  I love a great musical and I love country music.  This movie has it all.

Have you ever been in a crossroads of your life?  Having no idea which way to go and where it will bring you?  Well this movie will not answer the question for you, but it will give you a great story and show you that it happened to everyone.  Sometimes one decision can bring you to a complete different path you did not even know you were looking for.

With a family that has been through way too much tragedy, their father left their mom passes away, and now his big brother has shipped back out leaving his wife, son and brother.  Charlie the brother has given up his big dreams to take care of his family.  When the girl of his drams shows up everything changes for him.

As a girl who grew up in the country I know there are true gentlemen out there.  I would love to ask you show this movie to your kids, your sons your daughters.  Let them know that there is truly good people in the world.  If even one boy remembers and becomes a gentlemen, or one girl remembers and knows they are out there and should be treated right, I think this movie would have done its job.

It is available exclusively at Walmart Pre Order Here

Who wants to win a copy for themselves?  We are hiving three US winners their very wn copy of Country Crush

I got this free in exchange for an honest review

Country Crush


  1. What is Date Night and Girls Night? Lol being a mom to 8 I rarely get either! Probably be a mommy night when all the kids are in the bed! Thanks

  2. It wouldn’t be eother as I live alone
    Would just be a relaxing night

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