Comicpalooza 2016



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I have to admit I knew very little about Comicpalooza before I headed to it. Just from reading online and trying to look up pictures. I never knew that the reviews and pictures I found truly did not do it justice. I think I could write a different review every week and still not catch the magic of Comicpalooza. When I first landed in Houston I ran into a volunteer who was picking up some of the featured guests for the event. We actually sat there and talked for a few minutes while I waited and she was wonderful. She did not care who I was or why I was asking she was just excited to talk about the event. You could see even in the volunteers the true excitement there was for the event. (On a side note I would like to thank all the volunteers they truly made it a special event)

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I was truly wondering how everyone would get along. There are so many different loves and opinions all in one place. Every person here was amazing. I did not see one grumpy face the whole time I was there. Everyone at the event was not only the most knowledgeable about their favorites but they were all nice. They did not care if you had a different opinion, they did not care if you loved a different series they were all just so excited to get together and have a blast with their friends. I think the only argument I heard was between me and another girl. The argument was who would get to marry Dean if he was not a Charter. lol It was a blast.

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Between the Costumes, The Shopping, and the people I would have to say this was probably one of the best trips of my life. Each day I put in over 18 miles on my Fitbit walking around the convention floor, the panels floor and just hanging out in the hallways talking to people. I was asked by quite a few people before I left if this event was kid friendly? The answer is yes it is. This convention is everyone friendly. Weather you have a little one who runs wild, a little one who is still in a stroller or even with someone who does not get around very well. There is a place and fun for everyone.

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As a true horror movie lover I could not get enough of their movies and sneak peaks. They had everything from glimpses of what is coming out to full movies and the creators there to talk to you about it. I hope to see a lot more horror movies and sneak peaks next year. It truly left me wanting more.

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As I was leaving in Sunday I walked by the Laser Tag Booth and was so excited to see it was celebs VS. The rest of us. For $20.00 I got the chance to shoot some of the awesome Celebs that joined us. This was such a blast and one of the highlights of my time here. The money went to Charity and it was a crazy blur of fun. If you go next year make sure to sign up for this early, as next year there could be even more celebrities that are wanting to make an appearance, especially when you take into account just how popular celebrity charity work is nowadays! Why wouldn’t you want to blast some celebs with lasers!

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Even when the event floor was packed I did not see anyone getting frustrated they just hung out and waited to walk down the aisles and made a few friends while waiting. This was truly the most laid back convention that I have ever been too. If you are truly looking for a family friendly event that the whole family will love, make sure to check out Comicpalooza next year. Between the Kids fun zone, the gamer zone, food court, and the Shopping there is something for everyone in the family. Make sure to check out the best Costumes of Comicpalooza here, and the Best Shopping of Comicpalooza here.


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I got tickets free to bring this great event to you.