Should you watch Scream the series

  I am a huge fan of Scream the Movies when I saw last year they were starting a series it had me wondering how they were going to make an ionic horror film into a T.V series.  I completely thought that there was no way they could have more than one season.  Boy was I proved wrong.


  Not only did they do the movie justice they came out with a fantastic new story line that sucked me in. One thing I must have in a great horror movie or TV show is there has to be blood there has to be guts, and someone must die in the first 5 minutes.  This show has it all.  The gore and the story.  I spent whole summers just watching horror movies so it takes a lot to impress me and I have to say this show truly did that.


  This series takes place in a high school.  When people start going missing they soon find out that there is someone stalking them and killing them one by one.  You will find out soon those who you think are safe in this show really are not.  Like the movie you also find out someone who you think is on the good side really does have a secret.  This secret goes on to season two and comes back to bite them in the butt.  When we think the killer is gone there is another right behind that knows all the secrets to take their place.  Want to know who the killer is?  Well pick up season one and watch along.  I was truly surprised by who it was.

Blood, Guts, Gore, and a surprise killer this series has it all for the true horror fan.  Make sure to check it out on MTV.

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