Comicpalooza Costumes

                        Comicpalooza Costumes

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  One of my favorite part of Comicpalooza was all the fantastic and creative costumes I saw go by me on a daily basis.  The imagination/ cuteness that went into some of these outfits was unmatched by anything I have seen.  When people are walking around in their costumes they don’t just wear the outfits of the charters they become them.  This truly made Comicpalooza an awesome and unique experience.  Before you all ask No you do not have to dress up to go, but if you want to make sure to become the Charter.

  Here are some of the most awesome costumes I saw.


IMG_8071  IMG_8072  IMG_8073

IMG_8076  IMG_8086  IMG_8087  IMG_8089  IMG_8093  IMG_8094  IMG_8095  IMG_8097  IMG_8098  IMG_8099  IMG_8100

IMG_8102  IMG_8103  IMG_8104


IMG_8105  IMG_8106  IMG_8107

IMG_8109  IMG_8110  IMG_8123

IMG_8128  IMG_8129  IMG_8133

IMG_8140  IMG_8146  IMG_8156

IMG_8157  IMG_8168  IMG_8169

IMG_8170  IMG_8173  IMG_8182


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