Cheesy Bacon Bowl

            Dimples Cheesy Bacon Bowl


That’s right all we have a new Burger Bowl and Dimples recipe together for you.  Two of our favorite cooking companies together in one awesome recipe. 


This one is so easy to make Just 4 ingredients and a special pan no more seasonings or anything else just a plate and a fork and you are ready to eat.


What you will need

1 pound ground beef

4 slices of bacon Cut to small pieces and cooked

1 bottle Dimples BBQ sauce

1 box Rice A Roni Cheesy Rice


Pre cook your bacon in cut up pieces. 

Add dimples BBQ sauce and cooked bacon to meat and mix up.


Place meat in Burger Bowl pan and cook at 400 for 15-20 minutes


As that is going make you cheesy rice

Pull out burger bacon bowls and let sit for 5 minutes


Fill bowels with cheesy rice and drizzle with dimples BBQ sauce


You are ready to eat the new bacon burger


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