BookSmart Movie


We got Booksmart Digital Download free in exchange for an honest review

BookSmart has to be one of the funnies Teen Rom Con I have seen in awhile.  Two girls who made studying in High School their entire life to get into college.  When the last day of school comes they find out the kids who did nothing but party all 4 years got into the same colleges.  Some even got job offers that are amazing.

Once they find this out they break and decide to go show everyone that they too can be the life of the party.  Amy who came out 2 years ago has yet to find her first girl friend buy has a crush.  Her friend Molly is making it her mission to help her get the girl she wants.

While Molly is helping her get the girl she is also screwing with Amy’s family convincing them they are a couple .lol When they can’t find the graduation party they call a uber driver that is very funny and ready to bring them to the party.

They end up at party after party , but not at the right one till they find a clue about where it is at. They go on an adventure to find the right party and a little about themselves along the way.


This was such a fun movie I would recommend it for any great family movie night.


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