9 Ways To Help Your Body Detox Naturally

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During daily activities, there are several avenues through which toxins could enter your body, from the air you breathe to the meals you eat and products you use, such as cosmetics and cleansers. According to health experts, these toxins, when left unchecked, could lead to several health problems. While the body is designed to run its own detoxification, research reveals that you can do a few things to support your system. Below are nine safe ways to help your body detox naturally. 

1. Take care of your skin 


Giving your skin a little TLC can go a long way in helping you detox naturally. Doing this right can make your skin look and feel amazing by getting rid of dead skin cells. However, when taking steps like scrubbing during a shower, remember to be gentle, as excessively doing it could lead to skin issues like acne and redness. A great way to pamper your skin while cleansing it is to add some Epsom salts to your bath. They’ll work magic for your skin, especially because they’re rich in magnesium. Plus, a warm Epsom salt soak is calming for your body. 

 2. Reduce your intake of junk food 


Stuff like sodas, hot dogs, packaged cookies, and fast food are usually tasty but come packed with preservatives and additives that can lead to serious health issues like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart problems. The more of these processed goodies you consume daily, the higher the chance of landing in a health pickle. Therefore, it’s best to reduce your intake of such foods or avoid them completely, if possible, to help your body detox naturally. This way, you’re a step closer to a healthier, happier you. 

3. Consider taking prebiotics 


Prebiotics boost the “good” bacteria in your gut. When you consume such foods, your guts break them down into helpful minerals like fatty acids, which are great for the organs outside your gut. That said, you don’t have to spend on any fancy supplements to enjoy this. Just load up on fiber-rich foods like asparagus, bananas, barley, and more to enhance your body’s detoxification. You can also protect your gut by staying hydrated, moving around, and taking prebiotic-packed goodies like honey, garlic, and milk. 

4. Limit alcohol 


It’s best to limit your alcohol intake to give your body a little break. That is because excessive alcohol intake can cause your liver to overwork, leading to severe health issues along the way. Although your liver does a terrific job of turning alcohol and acetaldehyde into harmless carbon dioxide and water that your body can eliminate, leaving it to work overtime due to your alcohol consumption could give your liver less room to process or handle other toxins. Therefore, to ensure optimum liver health, it’s advisable to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink or stop completely, and your body will thank you. You can start by taking little steps, such as opting for juice or water when you go out or getting accountability partners who can help keep you focused on limiting your alcohol intake.

5. Get sufficient sleep 


Studies have mentioned several benefits of getting a sufficient night’s sleep. Quality sleep doesn’t only help you feel rested but also helps boost your health by reducing stress and inflammation so your body can function at its absolute best. To get good sleep, it would be helpful if you avoid things like caffeine and alcohol before bedtime and keep your bedroom cool, dark, quiet, and electronic-free. Also, set a nighttime schedule and stick to it to ensure you get at least seven to nine hours of bliss every night. 

6. Stay hydrated 


Keeping hydrated is the key to helping your kidneys kick those toxins to the curb. Drinking lots of water is the best way to do this, but you can also try other healthy liquids like green tea, which help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at the ideal levels, keeping your heart healthy. Meanwhile, the US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine recommends around 3.5 liters of water for men and 2.7 liters for women daily. You can set a personal challenge by filling a big bottle with water every day and committing to finish it by the time the day ends. As you do this often, it will gradually become a habit.

7. Reduce exposure to toxins 


Detoxification is all about prevention. Therefore, put in the right measures to steer clear of anything that may expose you to toxins, including household cleaners, processed foods, plastic overload, and anywhere else those sneaky toxins might persist. You can also check out advocates like the Environment Working Group (EWG) if you need information on spotting toxins so you can live a toxin-free lifestyle. 

8. Reduce your salt consumption 


For some individuals, detoxification means eliminating excess water. However, too much salt intake can leave you retaining even more water, especially if your kidneys or liver aren’t in tip-top shape or you’re not taking in sufficient water. The excess water buildup can lead to bloating, making it crucial to cut back on the salt. Again, drinking more water is the ultimate hack to flush out the excess. Although this might sound a bit counterintuitive when you’re trying to lose fluids, it works like a charm. 

9. Visit a chiropractor 


Visiting a chiropractor can work wonders for helping you detox. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) professionals are knowledgeable in everything that has to do with spine alignment by focusing on giving your body the energy it craves to eliminate those harmful toxins in your body. Think of it as getting adjusted so your body is free to detox and reach its peak performance. So, consider treating yourself by finding a chiropractor nearby. 


Too many toxins can mess with your body, and a solid detox plan is like giving your body the fuel it needs to heal and stay in top shape. Fortunately, the above tips can be your go-to to kick-start your detox journey. It may be different for everyone, so it makes sense to map out a plan just for you to dial down on toxins and embrace a healthier you.