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Be Delectable from cake beauty Strawberry and Cream Review

I got the chance to try out this awesome lotion and I cannot get enough of its wonderful smell.

As you all know I am a lotion junkie so when this showed up I had to try it out ASAP and I was hooked from first sniff.  This had to be the best strawberry and cream smelling lotion I have ever smelled.  I wish they had created scratch and sniff computer screens for you all but unfortunately they have not yet.  The package it came in is adorable pink which is of course my favorite color with a cute cupcake on it.   This hand lotion is blended with Shea butter, coconut oil and Aloe Vera.   This is a nice and thick lotion that will really do the job.  Lets my dry cracked hands (from the Colorado cold weather) feel smooth and soft. Even my cuticles looked and felt 100 times better after I had used this fantastic hand lotion. You do not need a lot of it, a little goes a long way and the wonderful smell was strong enough that I was sniffing my hands all day long, but not so strong that is choked you out.  I cannot tell you how many times I opened it just to sniff in the first hour alone.  This fantastic lotion comes in three different scents Strawberry and cream, Lemon Cream, Coconut cream, and Vanilla and cream.  I cannot wait to try out these other scents I am sure everyone is just as fantastic as the Strawberry and cream.

This is a new line from Cake Beauty that is formulated with 95% natural ingredients.  This new line is launched in Kohl’s stores across the nation.  The ultra nourishing hand cram will sell for $10.00; they also have 4 other product out. Decadent hair and body mist $10.00, supremely rich body wash $10.00, super smoothing body wash $14.00, and the Triple moisture body lotion $12.00.   With how wonderful the hand cream worked and smelled I would completely suggest getting the whole line make sure to do layering of these fantastic products to get the full effect.  I can’t wait to try the others.  Only suggestion I have is also make it travel size I would love to also bring it along with me when traveling.

Update :   I got to try the other scents and they are all fantastic.   I will post more pictures and a little more about what i would like to call the best body scrub I have ever had the plesure of using this weekend.

Cake Beauty be delectable is a fantastic hand lotion that I would suggest to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below


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