Back Brace


Back Brace

I am sure most of you remember the amount of days last year I had to take off from the blog from hubby’s back going out.  It was way too many to count.  When his back goes out not only is grumpy, but he can’t move.  So, I am doing everything.  I have only had this happen to me once, but I can tell you there is almost no pain like you’re back going out.  I would be grumpy too if this was a normal thing for me.   When I got the chance to try out this back brace I was so excited.  If it could really make a difference for hubby it will be one of the top products I have gotten the chance to try.

Back brace    Back brace

When it came of course we had three guys here begging for the chance to try it.  Hubby of course got the honor.  So, using it was the first thing we had to figure out, there are no directions with it.  It was very straight forward on how to use it.  Wrap it around fasten it and use the side fasteners to tighten it.  The minute he put it on he could tell a difference.  His back mussels were not working as hard as they were before.  He could actually relax a little.

Back brace       Back brace

He has worn this brace when he works for about a week now and says his back has never felt better.  He works on his feet all day bending over a workbench.  I am so excited this has really made a difference in his life.  If you have chronic back pain or just every once and awhile then adding this to your day could really make a difference.  He was worries at first it would not be comfortable, but he said after a little while he did not even notice it was there.

I got this free to try in exchange for an honest review.

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