5 tips to make your Party a Hit

Party season is under way. I love party’s all year round. From the over the top to the quant and quiet. All the party’s that I have gone to that have been a hit have had a few things in coming. Weather you are planning on 1 person to come or 100 planning a party can be stressful. When planning a party, there is really only a few things you need to make it a hit.


  1. Drinks

Parties have really changed as we get a little older. It went from I hope they have the good soda, to let’s see what alcohol they have. Now the biggest hit at the part is a great cup of coffee. We normally go through quite a few different coffee bundles of Gourmesso these days. Maybe it’s because we are mostly moms that need help staying awake.


  1. Food

Weather its snacks, appetizers or a full sit down dinner make sure there is something for everyone. You can do the full sit down dinner, but unless you have caterers plan on spending most of the mingle time in the kitchen cooking. I love to go with appetizers I can make ahead and just toss in the oven when people get to my home.


  1. Music

Set the mood of the party. If its holiday season has some holiday music on. For me, if it’s a bunch of High school friends I might go for a little ’80s. You know your friends best just remember to keep it at a lower sound level so your friends are not yelling over the music to hear one another. If you often have parties, especially with a lot of guests, it might be an idea to invest in some dj equipment, like big speakers, so that all of your guests can enjoy your music selection. DJ equipment is great for any occasion too, whether it’s a big family party, dinner party or children’s birthday party.


  1. Kids Area

For a lot of us these days there will always be kids there. Adult only party’s do not work for a lot of people. I know If my son is not going I am most likely not going. So, having an area set up for the kids to watch cartoons, do crafts or play games will help keep them entertained while adults hang out.


  1. Family and/or Friends

This one goes without saying. You don’t have to have 100’s of people to make it a great gathering. A few good friends can make it the best time you ever had.


If you follow these simple rules you will have a night to remember.

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