Whatever You Do, Don’t Quit Cold Turkey!

Quitting an unhealthy habit of yours cold turkey may sound like the quickest and easiest way to do it, but it’s seriously not. And it is nowhere near the quickest or easiest route to take, at that! To see why quitting (or, more to the point, attempting to quit) an unhealthy habit of yours cold turkey and all at once is a bad idea and to see why it should be avoided at all costs, make sure to read on.

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The psychological effects of quitting cold turkey make relapsing much more likely


Relapsing, although not the be-all and end-all of an attempt at quitting something, is certainly something that doesn’t help the cause. Basically, yes, relapsing might not mean your quitting venture is done completely, but it doesn’t help you move forward either. And, what quitting cold turkey will do for you, whatever it is you are quitting, is make you need whatever it is you have quit and thus make you far more likely to in fact relapse and indulge in it.


This is because of the psychological effects quitting cold turkey has on the brain. Simply, the more you turn something into a forbidden fruit, the more you’re going to want it; it’s somewhat animalistic but it’s also human nature — it cannot be fought. The more you try to force yourself not to like something or not to do something, the more likely you are to cave and do these things anyway. And, this is what cold turkey will do for you, it will make you want whatever you are quitting more. It will start playing on your emotions and make you feel like you want, no need, whatever it is you have quit in order to survive, even when that is definitely not the case.


So, if you’re serious about putting whatever it is you want to quit on the self for good, then take the mental demands of the venture seriously and make sure you avoid all things ‘cold turkey’!


Quitting cold turkey can have an adverse impact on your health


Although cutting that bad, unhealthy habit out of your life as soon and as quickly as possible might seem like the healthiest outcome, it’s not. No, it’s not because it won’t give your body enough time to acclimatise to its life without whatever it is that is being cut from it, whether this thing that is being cut is healthy for it or not. And, when your body struggles to acclimatise in this manner it will soon begin to change in ways that it shouldn’t and it will begin repelling things that it shouldn’t repel, which will subsequently make you far more likely to fall ill.


If not cold turkey, how else should you quit that bad habit of yours?


Cold turkey is not the only way to quit something, you know. Yes, there are other ways to kick that bad habit of yours, and these ways are far more likely to wield good results and could even prove to be healthier for you.


One of these ways is to instead quit something gradually and with ease rather than all at once. For instance, instead of cutting alcohol from your life and attempting to go teetotal right away, you should gradually cut down on your drinking and your trips to the pub — only by doing that will you find yourself in the most comfortable position possible of beating your drinking affliction. And the same sort of method should be taken when it comes to the smoking of cigarettes, too; instead of having that infamous ‘last cigarette’ and then attempting to cut them out of your life altogether, you should cut down on your daily consumption of them until a day goes by when you do not feel the need to smoke, or you should switch your smoking habits altogether by switching to smoking vapes sold by reputable dealers, such as vapeshop.co.uk, in order to get your smoking fix in as healthy a way as possible. Basically, cold turkey will send your brain into overdrive — instead, trick your brain and cut down on what it is you are cutting out of your life gradually.


Quitting cold turkey is a course of action that should only ever be taken in severe cases, i.e. if something needs to be cut from an individual’s life right away in order to keep them alive. So, unless you are in a position where your unhealthy habit is killing you, please avoid going cold turkey if you want to be truly healthy.

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