What not to do with your flooring

We have rented tons of apartments and tons of houses through the years one thing this has thought us is what not to do with our flooring when we finally get our dream home. There are so many mistakes people make trying to save a few bucks and do it themselves. It’s not always the best idea.

Our first story brings us to Laguna Niguel, CA. Just out of college we rented a house with beautiful wood floors. What we did not know is to save some money the owner Sealed them himself. What was the problem here? He used fence stain. So not only did it not soak in when we got that great California heat it melted and stuck to everything. Including our furniture and my cat’s feet. What a mess, and do to this everything scratched the floors.

Next, we moved to Laguna Niguel, Ca a cute little apartment next to my sister. When we moved in of course the rugs were still wet so we had to wait a day to move into the apartment. After about 2 days a ton of stains started coming up and the rugs were destroyed. When we went to the front office they told us they just replaced the rugs not the padding underneath. So, when they soaked the rugs trying to get that new clean smell all the stains in the padding got wet and leaked into the rugs. Fail number two.


Our last one brings you to my sister’s new house. Her first home she bought a beautiful home. The problem here is they put rugs in the bathroom. Which I will never understand. They were always wet. Not to mention the fact that she has 2 boys to potty train. Can you figure having to clean those rugs daily. Needless to say, those had to come out right away.

Cases like this are quite drastic for anyone that cares deeply about their interior design items. None of us use a rug design guide, how to choose a luxury rug just to be let down by bad flooring. When you are ready to replace your flooring it is always best to go to a professional like karndean flooring. They can give you all the info you need and they have a great selection. When it comes to flooring its normally best to leave it to the professionals. You will end up paying a lot more to fix what you were trying to do yourself in the long run.

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