Three Critical Determinants of Your Wedding Day Success

The truth is the wedding day is the most important day in a couple’s life. Besides being the day where you get to sanctify your marriage in the presence of God, friends, and family, it provides fantastic memories to hold you up when the going gets tough.

What’s more, your wedding day determines the success of your marriage. So how well you can hold on to each other during the planning of your big day goes to show how long your marriage will last. For this reason, you should be keen to observe and learn the patience and creativity levels of your partner, as this is an indication of how well they can solve issues in later life.

Simply put, the success of your wedding day depends on three key areas. Read on to get a grasp of these areas.

The Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is the most crucial edible element during the big day. Besides being a symbol of prosperity and fertility, it plays a significant role in decorating the event. For this reason, you should get it made using the best ingredients, toppers, and desserts.

Different things concerning the cake, from where it lies during the ceremony to when and how you cut it, have a special meaning. For instance, cutting the cake towards the end of your ceremony marks the end of the official day, giving the guests permission to leave at their own will. Also, sharing the cake with your guests symbolizes inviting them to share meals with you at your new home.

Your wedding cake should have the best ingredients as an implication of your marriage’s prosperity and happiness. Therefore always ensure to communicate with your baker on what you want. Today, there are many affordable and tasty cake flavors to choose from out there. All you need to do is in-depth sampling to settle on the best flavor.

Furthermore, you have all the recipes, such as the marzipan almond paste recipe, on the internet, and you can easily do the tasting at home. Marzipan icing on a fruit cake will leave you with the best wedding cake in town.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party is the backbone of every wedding ceremony. These are people you cannot do without, no matter how skilled or straightforward you want to run the event. Each member of the wedding party plays notable roles that are key in determining the success of your day.


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To have the best day ensure to take careful consideration when choosing your wedding party. The people you include in this team should be honest, responsible, and have your best interest at heart. Moreover, ensure to communicate your expectations earlier in the planning and walk the party through everything you want on the big day.

Equally important be on the watch out during this time to replace any uncooperative member. But, again, it’s better to do it at this juncture than to experience discouragement at the critical hour.

The Venue

Where you choose to hold your big day event highly determines its success. It, for instance, influences your décor as not all decorations can fit in some venues. Moreover, it determines the mood of the event and how many people you can invite.

In addition to this, your venue also determines how many people attend your wedding. For example, difficulty accessing platforms will attract fewer guests compared to on-the highway venues. Therefore take careful consideration when making this critical decision.


Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. You deserve applauding for finding love and nurturing it to this point. Making a wedding day memorable, however, is hard work and not for the faint-hearted.

Use the above three tips to ease things on your big day.

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