Will You Be My Bridesmaid

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Marriage is one of the most important events that can occur in one’s life.

This intimate celebration needs careful preparation so that it will then turn as cherished memory by the couple in the future. Planning for marriage is exhilarating and can sometimes be stressful to avoid mishaps. Everything must be perfectly set to the minute of details. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the bride’s dress. If you are in this stage of planning your wedding, it may be best to check out a site like https://www.winniecouture.com/stores/wedding-dresses-atlanta-ga/ (if you live in Atlanta or don’t mind travelling) to speak to an expert who can help pick out your dress for the big day!

One component of the ceremony is the ever important position of a bridesmaid. So how can a bride-to-be select a bridesmaid fit for the wedding? This article will try to provide tips in choosing a bridesmaid for the wedding ceremony.

Before we proceed further let’s try to understand what really a bridesmaid is and what are her duties? The concept of having a bridesmaid during matrimony was depicted originally from a Hebrew custom. As written in the Bible, Jacob had Leah and Rachel to be his wives. Each woman has a designated ‘maid’ to aid them in their duties as wife of Jacob. These handmaidens were treated more of servants than friends of the wives. This was believed to be the origin of a bridesmaid. On the other hand, if there’s a biblical account about bridesmaids, there’s also another explanation coming from a pagan belief. During the time of the Romans, 10 ladies were required to attend and dressed in the same manner as with the bride, as written by their laws. The reason for this is to confuse evil spirits and cursers who wanted to taint the ceremony and the lives of the would-be couple. Nowadays, the bridesmaid has a more positive purpose in the wedding. Usually the woman chosen to aid the bride is the sister or a very close friend. The main duty of a bridesmaid is to be the confidant of the bride on all aspects of the wedding, social or practical. Her support and involvement to the matrimony is means a lot to the bride, and of course the would-be husband.

In choosing a bridesmaid, try to consider these following tips:

1. Make sure that the selected bridesmaid(s) wants to be a part of the wedding, otherwise try to choose someone else and can sometimes be a hindrance in the success of the ceremony.

2. Try to shortlist those women whom you want to be a bridesmaid(s) – If you plan to have many bridesmaids, try to consider their capacity to help in the wedding preparations. There are instances when bridesmaids tend to conflict because of the difference in ideas, which motif to choose, where’s the location for the reception, etc. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Make sure that they’ll focus on the success of your wedding so that everybody will be happy.

3. Consider the budget on the wedding – Try to choose somebody within the vicinity as much as possible. You may have your ‘bestest’ friend living on the other side of the world now, but think of the fact that if you will opt for her as bridesmaid you’ll be paying her travel expenses. In addition to this, think what you are going to pay for their bridesmaid dresses. You wouldn’t want to be spending much and then starting a new life with your husband being broke right? You’ve got to pay for the venue, suits, cake, flowers and the Devon wedding photographer, so keep all these costs in mind. Be practical.

4. Choose someone whose very willing to be “hands-on with the wedding preparations – Make sure that your bridesmaids of choosing will be willing enough to aid in your wedding planning. They should also be vocal into giving opinions about anything that involves about the wedding and they should also be helpful in giving the right resources such as finding the right mother of the bride dresses to make your mom look gorgeous and etc. Dresses can be a difficult thing to buy, you need to make sure the person in charge is looking at if the colour is right, its comfortable, it fits properly, it suits your body shape, so many things to consider! It might be worth taking a look at plus size mother of the bride outfits at Swish Fashion who will help guide you to find the most suitable dress for your mum (that’s if she fits into this category.) So, there are companies out there who will help, but you need to be aware of these things before committing.

5. And lastly, steer clear of those drama queens who might steal your show. Choose a bridesmaid who will let you take the center stage, even for once and not overlap you in the wedding. Remember this is your day, so make sure it will be YOUR DAY.

Hopefully these tips will prove to be useful and may ease the wedding preparations. Now that everything’s set, just relax and wait for the day you’ll be walking on the aisle and start a new life with the one you love.