Water The Coolest Drink Around

With Easter coming up I love to add books into his basket.  I love reading and I want to pass this love onto my son.  If you can read you can go and learn anything in this world.  Water The Coolest Drink Around is a perfect book for my little guy.

One thing I love is that this book is cute and helps teach my son something.  This book is all about how water is good for you and points out that our favorite animals don’t drink sugary drinks so why should we.  Each page also ends with a question so your kids can answer and learn.

The illustrations are cute and the story is the perfect length.  As we all know sometimes when it comes to bed time stories, we want to read to our little ones but we are so tired.  This one is the perfect length for those nights.  I can still read to him but it won’t take an hour.

We truly enjoyed this Water The Coolest Drink Around.  I would recommend it to everyone.

We got this free in exchange for our honest opinion