Writers of the Future 35

We are so excited for the new Writers Of the Future.  We have loved them for the last few years.  If you are like me and love great short story’s that you can read while waiting for pick up or the few minutes you get alone at night then this book is for you. In celebration of the 35th anniversary for Writers of the Future and the 30th anniversary for Illustrators of the Future.

The new trade paperback features include full color reproduction of the illustrations in the front of the book as well as 3 short stories by established authors, Dean Wesley Smith, Rebecca Moesta and L. Ron Hubbard. It is edited by David (Wolverton) Farland. The cover art is painted by Bob Eggleton.  As a note, having established the cover art, Dean Wesley Smith has written a story as inspired by that art.  We also have how-to articles by Mike Resnick, Rob Prior and Echo Chernik (our Illustrators of the Future coordinating judge.)

a pre-order special, where we will give a copy of vol 25 for free with proof of the pre-order for vol 35 (details are here: https://galaxypress.com/writers-of-the-future-volume-35-pre-order-offer

Contests and their history and a list of all judges and past winners can be found at www.writersofthefuture.com