Want to Decorate an Older Home? Here are Some Top Tips

Older homes tend to come with stunning features, such as trim, decorative molding and architectural features. Sometimes all you need to do is add a lick of paint, so you can restore it to its former glory. Take the time to match the color to the existing walls and create a sense of flow and uniformity. You can also add a touch of gloss if you want to highlight a particular area. If you want some more decorative tips then take a look below.


Focus on Space

On average, older homes have way less square footage when compared to more modern homes. In the 1920s, homes were around 1,000 square feet, but now they are around 2,300 square feet. Smaller homes tend to have inadequate storage space and this means that they can quickly become cluttered. Fortunately, if you want to create harmony in your home, you can do this with ease if you simply focus on the space you have to work with. If you are dealing with an unusually large space or an awkwardly-shaped space then you can try and break the room up into zones. One way you can do this would be for you to opt for an area rug. You might also want to use a room divider to break up the space. This will make it easier to work with your space and choose decor that fits your theme.

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)


Remove Dated Decor 


If you have a popcorn ceiling then the first thing you will want to do is remove it. If you don’t remove it then you may find that you end up with a home that never looks as good as it could. If you want to transform your space then you can also add some paneling. This is especially good if you have uneven walls, or if you have bad plastering. Redoing the plaster can be a monumental task, but if you take your time you should find that you can get the result you are going for. In regards to the walls, it’s helpful to give them a good check-over to make sure that there are no signs of pests. Grease marks, holes in the wall and piles of dust are all major warning signs. If you want some help, then be sure to hire an exterminator


Don’t Eliminate Personality


It is so important that you don’t eliminate personality from your home. If you do then you may find that you end up stripping your home of what makes it unique. One way for you to do something about this would be for you to make sure that you accent the little crevices you have and that you keep wooden beams or anything else that might be present. These accents, if you work with them, can help your home look really modern and it also adds a personal stamp. If you have an old hardwood floor then don’t remove it, instead, see if you can sand it and buffer it to bring back the original finish.