4 Easy Ways to Make a Space Your Own

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pixabay


One important aspect to enjoying where you live is making it your own. Creating your own space and filling it with pieces you love will help you to further express yourself in your everyday life. Here are some fun tips to help spice up any room in the house!


Make it Personal

Whatever style you like, try adding your own personal touch to it. A great way to start this process is to incorporate art into your decor. Since art can vary greatly in size and style, your options are basically limitless! Spend some time picking out pieces that speak to you. Arrange them in a fun pattern and center the rest of your decor off of that art. Search for affordable canvas and art prints until you find a collection that truly represents you. After you have found your art, find certain things that work well with it. For example, if you chose a classic landscape painting, use the colors involved when looking for a wall clock or book ends. Also, adding pictures of you and your loved ones will quickly make the space feel more personal. 


Incorporate Some History

Another fun way to add some spice to your space is to add some history with your decor. An old camera or set of binoculars can really add flare and dimension to the room. Check out your local antique malls for any vintage pieces that speak to you. Even a box of cheap little cigars add a touch of history because they honor an earlier era! Another awesome way to incorporate history is to find anything tangible relating to the home you are actually living in. This could be a sketch of the blueprint, an old deed, or some refurbished wood from your space. 


Add Variety

It is important to remember to keep an exciting variety when it comes to the decor you select for your space. In general, try to find decor that varies in shape and size, as this will help to make the space feel more lived-in and genuine. If you still feel lost on where to start, here are 4 easy ways to fall in love with your home again. The best way to add variety to your decor naturally is to focus on including something different to represent everything you love in life. Include your favorite movie, animals you love, and colors that relax you in your search. 


Splurge on a Big Ticket Item

Narrow down one piece that you would really love to have in your space and find a specific one that speaks to you. If you love music, look for vintage, rebuilt, and used pianos. Or, if you have hardwood floors in your space and want to feel prepared for the colder seasons, find a beautiful rug. Finding that big ticket item that will complete the space is worth the wait and the money. Do not be afraid to invest in a high-quality piece if you know you will cherish it for many years to come.