Today’s Trends in Bedroom Decor

Designing a bedroom can be a project that is as enjoyable as it is intimate. Modern bedrooms can reflect the lifestyle and personality of the owner while providing a space to rejuvenate and relax in that is comfortable and adding value to your home.

When it comes to trends in interior design, they can be visible yet uncertain. Forecasting these trends is complicated but it can be a great way to look at new ideas as well as old ones in order to determine which of the possible alterations or fusion of ideas will be popular.

Today, we will take a quick peek at some of the forecast trends for 2017 when it comes to bedroom décor.


These days, it is all about expressing yourself on social media. From Instagram-feed photo books to app-created artwork in the living room, home goods that are self-curated and personal are more popular than ever before. Technology has come a long way, and as a result, new goods are being created to embrace personalization. These days you can inject your memories into your everyday life and decor with things like photo blankets, custom coffee mugs, and personalized coasters.

Décor Designed to Help You Sleep

Your bedroom is for sleeping, right? You might be the type of person who can be tired all day long and when you go to bed, you are suddenly wide awake. That might be linked to your bedroom décor believe it or not. Your environment has a lot to do with whether or not you get a decent night’s sleep. If you want an environment that is conducive to rest, you need to create a relaxing space. You can do this easily by choosing soothing and relaxing colors and lighting that is dimmed. The bed can be a focal point and it can be more inviting with the use of throws, blankets, and cushions. Also, if you really want a relaxing environment, leave the electronics in another room… all of them. This will also benefit your overall health, due to the radiation emitted from electronics; symptoms of this EMF exposure include disrupted sleep, so keep them away! If you really can’t deal with your phone being in another room, use an EMF protection phone cover, bed canopy or another measure to prevent EMF exposure, all of which products are available at


Blue is back in a big way. This is a classic hue and it is experiencing quite a bit of a renaissance. This includes all of its shades from teal to indigo, and at times, you will even see multiple shades of blue all in a single space. This is a timeless color, and because of that, it won’t be tired of quickly. It also goes well with a variety of other colors, such as green, yellow, and coral. This is one of the big decorating trends that you will see this year.


Finally, the Scandinavian chic look has come to the bedroom! People are beginning to strip that bold wallpaper off of the walls in the bedrooms and repaint them in colors that are neutral. When it comes to flooring, light colored wood is in. Also, to mesh with the walls and floors, plain bedding sets in fabrics that are natural complete this look. This is the ideal décor for the family with a minimalist lifestyle. Rooms decorated thusly are incredibly relaxing and they have lines that are crisp and clean.

A Bit of Luxury

A lot of people are investing a lot more money in their bedrooms that they would normally. This is due to the fact that they are spending more time in this room, reading, working in them, watching the TV, etc. Even the TVs that are being installed in bedrooms are getting bigger. These rooms can have a color pallete that is neutral for the walls while the bedding can be richly colored in golds, silvers, and reds. Fluffy rugs and metal bed frames are also making a huge comeback.


People who are homeowners are also choosing to bring more of the outside into their homes and boudoirs. Plant stands happen to be selling well right now, and this means that vases of fresh flowers and potted plants are becoming a commonly seen feature in many bedrooms around the country. These objects have a sort of calming effect while they also generate a scent that is nice and refreshing, generate fresh air in the room, and add a splash of color.