Tips on Surviving When Living With A Roommate

There comes a time in our lives, when we all must share our space. Whether it was when you were young or in adulthood, we’ve all been there.

Living with someone else is fun at first, but will usually come with challenges. See tips on how to survive when living with the most irritating of roommates.

Divide up Space

Split up the bedrooms and make sure each are on the same page about who’s sleeping where. Try to be civil when picking the actual rooms because they may be different in size. Make sure any extra space or closet overflow is discussed before putting your stuff in it. Most of the rooms, besides the bedrooms, should be shared space for all to use. Use your bedroom as a place to go if you need time to yourself.

Emergency Contact Numbers

You never know what’s going to happen when living with someone else; therefore, emergency contact numbers are incredibly important to have handy, whether it be someone to help you with heating in surrey bc or anywhere else. You should write down and file the contact information for the landlord, family and friends; your doctor and anyone else you feel necessary. Make this public information and put it in a place where it’s easy to retrieve. This is so you don’t have to be searching for an emergency plumber near my location as your apartment is flooding. Avoid making intense situations worse by having these numbers in a safe location.

Open Communication

Talk with your roommate and try to get on the same page. Open up and let each other in so you better understand one another and your needs. Keep the lines of communication open and let each other know when something isn’t right. It’s better to clear the air than hold it in and let emotions fester inside for a later date. Try to avoid always wanting to be right, and instead come to a compromise. You’ll thank yourself for not making a bad situation worse. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, but also be mature enough to listen to the opposing view.

Practice Patience

Know that patience will get you far. Practice breathing exercises to stay calm in tense situations. Be patient with each other and know you’re still getting to know one another. Treat each other like you’d want to be treated and avoid being quick to judge. Let time pass, and make corrections and adjustments along the way. Be patient with yourself and know it’s a learning curve.

Know It’s Not Forever

It’s not always easy living with someone, but it’s a fun ride if you can make it work. Tell yourself that it’s temporary and not forever. You’re living with a roommate because the timing was right and it made financial success. Don’t worry about every little issue that comes up. Try to take one day at a time and know you’ll be moving out one day. Give it a chance and if you can’t make it work, then know you can always move out. If you do decide to move out, remember that you can use the services of a moving company such as Air Van to make sure that all your furniture and belongings arrive at your new home safely and securely.


Living with another person should be an exciting time in your life. There are practices to put in place to make sure it goes smoothly. Use these tips for surviving living with a roommate.