Huge company’s or company of one, One huge threat


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So, I know you all wonder from time to time where I have disappeared too.  We all know there are a few reasons sick little one, Internet out, ect, ect.  This year there was another reason when I had disappeared for over a week.   Even with a company of one cybercrime can shut down companies overnight. Before you think it no it had nothing to do with my web site, it was my computer.

As most of you know I was attached to my pink computer.  I had it over 8 years and 4 fan changes.  This computer was my life line.  After the last fan change (that did not take) my mom made me upgrade.  She could not watch me walk around with the huge laptop and a cooling pad everywhere. Lol So I finally got a brand spanking new computer I had it all set up had about 10 review written and all my pictures.  Then it happened yes, the e-mail I clicked on.  I know better I had no idea why I did not think before clicking, let’s call it mommy brain.  But I clicked and it froze my whole computer I had clicked on the ransom wear.  I lost everything.  It took me over a week to completely clear my computer, I had to start all over again.


For a smaller company like mine who just got their computer is was not as bad as It could have been.  If my computer was just a few months older it could have been the end of my blog.  For larger company’s this could also be a huge problem.  Make sure when you get e-mails mommy brain or not just don’t click.  We all make mistakes in life and sometimes it can cost us for me it was just a week or two of work for others it could be worse.  If this does happen to you first thing to do is give yourself a break, take a minute and breath then call a professional for help.