Tips For Painting Your Home


One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. However, while painting your home may seem like a simple task, it is easy for mistakes to be made. After all, we don’t have professional painters for no reason. So with that in mind, read on to discover some beneficial tips that will help you when painting your home.


Sand trim


In between coats of paint, you should sand trim to achieve a smooth finish. One coat of paint is not typically enough to hide the seam on the trim and the underlying color. Plus, if you do not sand the surface in between each coat of paint, you may find that the final result is grainy. Therefore, to achieve that desirable ultra smooth finish, you should sand the trim before you apply your next coat of paint.


Look into the different effects that are available


Nowadays, you can get so many different colors and types of paint that will give your home a new look. You can see a prime example of this at Faux Masters Studio. At this studio, they use paint with decorative effects to create a stunning and unique finish. These paints are designed to replicate the look of natural elements,  including textured sand, sandstone, gems, and woodgrain.


Roll paint along the edges


When you are painting your home, it is important to achieve a consistent texture and you can do this by roll painting along the edges. If you paint areas next to the trim and corners with a brush then they are going to have a texture that is noticeably different when compared with the paint that surrounds it. To make sure that you have a consistent texture in these areas, you should brush on the paint but then you need to immediately roll it before the paint dries.


Clean dirty surfaces before painting


Last but not least, this is arguably the most important tip of them all. Because if you paint over surfaces that are oily and dirty, then the paint will easily peel or chip off. Therefore, before you start painting, you should clean all areas that are grimy with a heavy duty cleaner or a de-glosser, which are intended for pre-paint cleaning specifically.


So there you have it, some must-read tips for anyone that is going to do a bit of painting in their home. While painting may seem like an easy task, there are actually many different things that can go wrong if you are not prepared and do not use the correct tools or techniques. Hopefully, though, you now have everything you need to do an amazing job.

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