The Mitchells vs the Machines Review

We got The Mitchells vs the Machines  free in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own.

OK first I want to say bravo to Netflix for putting out some of their best to DVD.  I fell in love with The Mitchells vs the Machines and I am excited that I can add it to my dvd collection.

So the Mitchells have an old school dad with a modern rest of the family.  As they head on a rad trip to check out her new college the machines take over.  Everyone gets caught one by one until there are not many people left.  The Mitchells seem to keep one step ahead, then they figure out a few tricks and have to fight to stay together.  Personally for me the star of the show was Monchi The family pug.  I would have watched the movie just for him. lol This is a fun and exciting movie the whole family will love.


An old school father and his plugged-in, filmmaker daughter struggle to relate as their family embarks on a road trip to her new college. Their drive is interrupted by a machine apocalypse that threatens to tear these unlikely heroes apart unless they can find a way to join forces and save humanity.

  • Katie’s Cabinet of Forgotten Wonders: Take a rare look inside Katie Mitchell’s filmmaking process as she gives you an exclusive look into how the movie was made.
    • Katie-Vision!
    • Dumb Robots Trailer
    • The Original “Mitchells” Story Pitch
    • The Furby Scene – How? Why?
    • PAL’s World
  • The Mitchells Vs. The Machines: Or How a Group of Passionate Weirdos Made a Big Animated Movie: Go inside the story of The Mitchells vs the Machines and meet a group of first-time filmmakers & talented cast who banded together to take a collective risk on making a unique, original, and totally off-the-wall film about an everyday, epic, world-saving family!
  • How To Make Sock Puppets: Katie Mitchell opens the door to her film school. Learn how to make sock puppets who could be extras in your next short film!
  • How To Make Katie Face Cupcakes: Enjoy making cupcakes only a mother could love.
  • Dog Cop 7: The Final Chapter: Katie Mitchell is back and creating the most hilarious film of her young career – check out an all-new mini-movie, Dog Cop 7: The Final Chapter. In a world where the holidays are being haunted by the Candy Cane Kidnapper, there is only one Dog with the skills to solve the case.
  • Katie’s Extended Cinematic Bonanza Cut! Prepare to witness Katie’s director’s cut, an extended version of the original film with over 40 minutes of deleted scenes.
  • 8 Bonus Scenes: Get more Mitchells with over 20 minutes of Deleted & Extended Scenes.
  • Filmmakers’ commentary


  1. My brother and his family love this movie. I keep meaning to watch it!

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