Did You Know You Could Send Handwritten Thank You Cards Online?


If you grew up anything like I did you were told you always send a thank you card when you get a gift.  This is something that I now automatically do and I am teaching my son to do too.  Its a great way for people to not only know you received the gift, but also that you appreciated it.

With that being said I have to say I had a lot more time to do it when I was younger.  I find myself getting behind on this task then I found out you can send Handwritten Thank You cards online. The company is called Handwrytten and they have a great service I would not have thought of  if I didn’t start searching.

They even have the envelope hand written.  Everything about these is top notch.  This is such an awesome idea.  I love that you can send Thank You Cards for any occasion.  This is not just a service for weddings.

I really would like to get into sending handwritten cards to some of the company’s I work with, I just don’t have the time these days.  Now I personally would not need the big subscription , but the smaller option would be perfect for me.  I can send to everyone to say a quick thank you for working with me and have some left over for the month to send to family and friends.  I love the idea of sending mail.  Lets be honest a text and email is nice, they show you thought of them, but a handwritten card shows you really put time into it.

They have different packages you can buy to send so many a month for a set price and their prices are very reasonable.  This is a great idea for business.  I can tell you I get a lot of Thank You cards in the mail too and the time they take to send these I have to say is amazing can you figure the time they would save with a service like this one.  They are still handwritten and personal, but can save a ton of time.

They aim to get orders out the same day and if there is s ton of them to do, it might take a few extra days.  This is not an order and wait 3 months for them to send they will get them out right away for you.

As I researched it more I was also excited to see that you can add gift cards.  I love this idea if I want to send to a family member or client.  I can add a gift right to them in the card.  They offer gift cards to major brands.  From $5 Starbucks cards to $200 Visa cards, they would be happy to include one in your order.  Just choose it when you check out.  All gift card sales are final.


If you find that you are not using your subscription as much as you thought you would you can unsubscribe at any time.  Their rates are very reasonable and you will definitely get your moneys worth.