Sweet Suite NYC 2019

As you all know there is nothing I look forward to more then Sweet Suite in NYC. This year was their 10th birthday and I got to go with Chatty Patty from Chatty Patty’s Place.  We had so much fun and ran in like a kid at the candy store.  They have some of the best toys that your kids are going to go nuts for this year.  Make sure to follow along all the way till Christmas and see what fun surprises we bring you for the Holidays.

Sweet Suite is brought to us by The Toy Insider make sure to follow them too you are not going to want to miss a thing. Don’t forget their twitter they have awesome giveaways going all the time.


Lets bring you some of our favorite pictures from this year. Of course when we walked in we were welcomed by the Avengers My little guy went nuts for these pictures.


Moosh-Moosh some of our favorite

Coming from Nintendo

Jurassic World and Lego OMG Yes please

ORB Slimi Caféis a sensory heaven 

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty.  Yes they are as cute as they sound


Shuckies find the special pearl bead and make your own Jewelry and a little slime


Zuru Toys has a ton of fun out this year


Jakks Toys has a few different out you will love


GooGoo Galaxy

Arcade 1 Up is a not miss for game lovers

Pomsies Lumies 


Journey Girls Dolls are a must have this year 

Tomy Toys has this new surprise guy out.  Still finding out what he is and what he dose

Knuckle Headz are so much fun even the Black Panther got into the game

Squishmallows Soft cuddly toy your kids are going to want to cuddle with for a long time 

Pound Puppies are back and ready to have fun this year

Bonkers toys of course has FGTeeV