Stopped Seeing Fitness Results? Here’s What You Should Do



Starting a fitness journey can be quite hard as you know there’s a long road ahead of you. It’s tough to begin with but then with help from sites like iTestosterone, you’re able to get all the advice and guidance you need to start seeing the results. When you get into the swing of things and start seeing results, it provides added motivation to keep on going. It no longer feels like a chore to eat well and exercise regularly, if anything, it becomes part of your daily routine.


However, there will come a time where you hit a wall of sorts. The things you’ve been doing for a long time suddenly don’t work anymore, and you don’t see results. Consequently, you feel disheartened, and the motivation dies.


If you’ve stopped seeing results from your fitness regime, then have a read of this advice to figure out what to do to jumpstart your fitness journey once more.

Go On A Cleanse

When you eat the same things over and over again, your body becomes used to it. Not only that, but you’re putting the same nutrients and toxins in your body all the time. Even if you eat healthily, there could still be some toxins finding their way into your diet, and preventing you from breaking through this metaphorical wall. But, if you throw in a cleanse day every few months or so, you can hit the reset button on your internal system. The whole aim of a cleanse is to flush out all the bad things inside your body. If you want to learn how to complete cleanse days properly, then the key is to ensure you consume essential nutrients while you cleanse. This is because you also lose them when you get rid of toxins, so they must be replaced. By doing a cleanse you can give your body a fresh start, helping you see the true benefits of healthy eating once more.

Try A New Type Of Training

The main reason people stop seeing results is that they’re doing the same thing over and over and over again. As such, their body becomes so used to these same exercises, that it no longer challenges your muscles. You can’t burn as many calories, you’re not tested, and everything is too easy for you. So, shock your system by trying a brand new style of training. If you’re someone that uses weights, why not try bodyweight training instead? There are so many different ways of training your body, it almost leaves no excuse for doing the same thing time and time again. My suggestion is to completely switch up your routine every 3 months to ensure you don’t keep hitting these invisible walls.


That’s really all there is to it! I know, it sounds incredibly simple as there are only two tips, but that’s just the reality of things. It’s very easy to hit a wall and fall into a fitness slump. But, it’s even easier to get out of that slump and start seeing gains once more. The key is to give your body a good shakeup, make it feel new things, and don’t settle for feeling comfortable! Once you get too comfortable, that’s when results will stop.


  1. Well, I needed the see the results, if not for it, I won’t continue my regime. Thanks for these tips though, if you’re stomped with your cycle, try another one, I like that!

  2. Bit late to the game but these tips are really going to help me!

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