Start saving then call Clay Advisors

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A lot of us could use financial advisors in our lives. I know when it comes to saving for retirement, it is not easy. It seems so far away that people often don’t give it a second thought until it’s too late. A lot of people make use of equity release when they are retired, to counteract their lack of savings. This article, detailing the equity release process, has an equity release calculator to work out how much you could get through that process if you are interested in going down that avenue. But nevertheless, it is good to have savings to fall back on. If you are anything like me, you live check to check; there is really nothing left over to save. I have read a lot of sites that give you a lot of advice that does not apply to me. I am not going on vacation, buying clothes and purses and spending money on all that stuff.

Yet when I look at my finances, I do realize there are a few things I do spend money on that if I quit it does save a few penny’s here and there.

  1. Daily coffee now I know what you are thinking you need your coffee. I would like to point out if you stop buying from the local coffee shop and start making it at home you can save quite a lot. Let’s say you spend just $3 a day on one coffee for 300 days that is $900 dollars saved.
  2. Netflix if you do have subscriptions like this, they add up I pay $14.99 a month just for Netflix when I have to admit I don’t watch it that much in a year that is around $180.00 a year. My suggestion if you really love Netflix. Hulu etc. Get the minimum package if you have roommates that also watch it split the price. Each of you buy your portion in a gift card and add it to the account. No monthly bill and no collecting the few dollars each month.
  3. Eating out. I know a lot of times it’s cheaper to just eat out, but they get you on the drinks even if it’s a soda. Let’s say you go get a few tacos for $2 which may be a lot less then you can make food at home for. If you get anything besides water you are looking at another $2 just for the drink. Keep a collar in your car with water and soda a few $1 ice packs and they stay cold. If you do this just 50 times a year that is $100 saved on drinks.
  4. Nights at the bar. Now I have a lot of single friends they love the nights at the bar because of the people yet they never really meet their other and they really just end up spending quite a bit of money. They want to get out and meet people. This is not the only way to do it. Now hear me out on this one games like Pokémon Go. Our town is smaller and yet still having a meet up group, yes singles these are a lot of good-looking singles and we meet up a few times a week. Sometimes more then 40 people all talking having fun playing together and it’s free. I have seen quite a few love connections and we have made a great group of friends.

Now I am not saying to give up everything in your life to save a few bucks I am saying save some of the stuff for special occasions. Having a horrible day go get that coffee. Friends birthday go out to the bar with them. I am saying not to do it on a daily basis.

This is just a start to saving financially once you start to save a little money then look into getting a financial advisor that can help you get to the next level.