1. Something great about my Father is that he is a good provider that raised me and my sisters on his own! He is a dedicated and loyal Dad that loves me!

  2. My dad is a great giver of advice and guidance and pretty handy at fixing things too

  3. I admire my dad because he is so selfless. He puts everyone ahead of himself.

  4. He taught me life lessons and taught me to always be honest, no matter what the scenario…

  5. My dad made sure education and baseball were priorities in his kids’ lives. 🙂

  6. My dad was great about teaching us about nature and he always took us camping when we were kids.

  7. My dad has always been my rock. Always there when I need him.

  8. He’s so funny and he’s great at fixing things that break around the house.

  9. During the last 20 years of his life my dad volunteered to do prison ministry.

  10. Tell us something great about your father

    that would be watching football games…

  11. My dad is my best friend! That’s easily something great to me.

  12. My dad helped me at my worst times in life. He has a good heart and is willing to put anyone before himself. He loves chocolate and every Father’s Day he only asks for one thing: homemade chocolate chip cookies. I feel like he deserves more for being so wonderful!

  13. My dad takes good care of everyone in the family and can fix anything.

  14. My father made sure he had time for all of his children and he took each one of us on a vacation together. My father loved the football of his alma mater.

  15. My dad was always there for me and my siblings. He helped us and taught us so much.

  16. My father retired A Colonel in the United States Air Force. He always took the time when he wasn’t flying to spend time with us. He love sports and loved playing them with his 3 children. He was pretty awesome!

  17. My dad had a pilot’s license and used to take my siblings and I flying.

  18. My dad raised 5 children and supported them all through his whole life.

  19. He taught me how to fish. And how to clean and cook them.
    Thanks for the contest.

  20. My dad is my super hero and role model! He is honest, a hard worker and come hell or high water he is going to be there if my sister, my family or I need him!

  21. My dad kept a job that I don’t think that he liked much for his family.

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