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When I got the chance to try out the SMEAD products I was so excited.  Until Tax season I thought I was pretty organized, but with 3 home businesses I found out I had a lot of work to do.  If I was just a little more organized it would have been so much easier.  I had a file in my big cabinet for receipts but what I really needed was a file holder that was easy to get too so the 12-pocket stadium File was perfect.  Whenever I was busy I would just tell hubby to throw the receipts anywhere and I would get to them.  Truth be told I probably lost about ½ our write offs.  Now with the new stadium files I can have him throw it in the first file and when I get the time I can record and re file under the right category.  The SuperTab Tab file folders were probably my favorite I love anything pink.  These were breast cancer file folders so they matched my office space perfectly.   They were easy to use; a very thick folder so no worries about them ripping. Best of all when I wrote on the tab the pen did not bleed.  My label was legible and no worries about it fading in the future. 

  When it comes to Office Supplies the 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folder was perfect.  I could use these as regular files or use them when traveling to keep everything separated and ready to go for sales calls or just to keep my travel receipts separated.  Shoplet has a wide range of Promotional Products Medical Supplies, Office stationary and more.  Best of all they have free shipping on all orders over $25.00.  So you can get everything you need delivered right to your office with free shipping.  It’s a great time to get stocked up and re organized for next year’s taxes.   

To check out more about this great file system dont forget to check out


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    I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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