Bathroom Decor

Make your bathroom welcoming to all.

For me, I share a bathroom with hubby and baby boy. That is right! All three of us in a little bathroom. There is no separate guest bathroom. Our one does it all- baths, showers, play time, potty training and where our guests go. As you can imagine, this is one of the most used rooms in our house! We recently had to have a tub refinishing glaze put on our tub because it gets used that much but now it looks brand new and there are no more grubby marks on it. There are a few decorating and organizing things you can do to help not only with space, but to not feel like you are in a kids bathroom all the time.


  1. Get baskets. Hubby gets one and little guy gets one. All their items go into their own baskets so you don’t have shaving stuff and toys filling up the bathroom. Just put the baskets away when they are done and no more clutter.
  2. Get a shoe organizer for the back of the bathroom door. All my hair and body products are in here so I can find them easy but they are out of the way. I have way more than the other two so I get more room.
  3. Pick the right bathroom theme. We all want our kids to have a fun bathroom but let’s be honest- it’s not that relaxing and does not look like a welcoming guest bathroom when sponge bob is watching you pee or take a bath. If you share a bathroom, pick a universal theme. We just did blue. Easy to match and you can mix any color of blue and it looks like you did it on purpose.
  4. Bathroom faucets. You want to pick a sleek design that is universal but also cleans up easily. These are what everyone will see. When they use the bath tub, or wash their hands. If you have ones you really like you are more likely to keep them clean, and believe me, people will notice these fixtures.
  5. Towel racks. Here is where I made a mistake. I had just enough of them to hang our bath/shower towels. Nowhere for hand towels or anything else. When guests came I was running around trying to move towels and find good places for new ones.
  6. Air freshener. Keep a plug in going all the time. When everyone is using the same bathroom this can help give it the just cleaned smell. No one wants to know what someone else just did in there.
  7. The right bath rugs can make it more homey feeling.


Follow these steps for making your bathroom a great place for everyone in your home.

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