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Now we all know my son loves throwing stuff and surprise toys so the Smashers were right up his alley.  Just like the name says Throw, Smash, and get your Surprise.  Each one is Gross and I think kind of cute at the same time.  There are over 100 disgustingly gross charters to collect.  You might even find a rare see-thru smashers.


Some of the different ones

Filthy Food

Odd Bodies

Icky Insects

Smash Trash

Toilet Humour

Rare Awful Animals

Ultra-Rare Ooze Dudes

Glow In The Dark



8 Pack

Came with 6 eye smashers and 2 guys. You have a chance of finding the exclusive glowing smasher and the slime surprise. My son was so excited with these I went to take a bath came out and he had ripped open the package and had them all open. Guess they are a winner in his book.


I was wondering what the slime surprise would be was it going to be a mess?  I love that it was a little guy in a bag full of slime.

Smashers      Smashers

My son was excited to have a little slime to play with and I was excited it did not splash everywhere when he threw the ball lol. Also we got a rare guy inside AWESOME.

Smashers         Smashers


Puke Pizza Collectors Tin


This is a cute tin the can store 50 charters. The tin also has 1 exclusive smasher.  As a mom with toys everywhere and 2 puppies that will eat everything this is awesome.  I love that we can store them all in one place without a lot of tiny guys laying around.  This is a must this holidays season.  We all hate having to pick up after the toys are opened, this is one that will make them want to clean up on their own.


Sludge Bus


My son loves any vehicle he can put stuff in. Even better this one opens for even more fun. This one will also hold up to 50 charters.

Smashers       Smashers

When you open it up it transformers into a sludgy bathroom.  There is a little plunger catapult to try and get your smashers into the toilet.  This is so much fun.  This also includes 1 exclusive smasher, 1 exclusive smasher in an eyeball, 1 sludge bus, 1 collectors guide, and 1 instruction manual. Available October 2018


I got this free in exchange for an honest review

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