Scottsdale Ranked as one of the Best Cities for Finding Jobs

The state of Arizona is booming with opportunity. According to one study, Arizona has four out of the ten top-ranking cities for finding jobs in 2018.

Scottsdale is the second best city in the nation for finding a job in 2018.

About Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, just north of Tempe. It is home to around 236,000 residents and a thriving labor market.

Not only is it the second highest ranking city in the nation for finding a job, but it ranks high in other economic areas as well.

According to Forbes, it is fifth in the country for the job market, third for socio-economic status, and fifth for cities with the highest median annual income (adjusted for cost of living). Scottsdale offers a ton of different job opportunities and has a positive employment growth. There is a very low rate of unemployment in the area.

To make the city even more appealing, it is still growing. The population is booming, and housing is still affordable.

Remember, which ever sector you believe you’ll end up finding a career in, 36% of all jobs across all industries will require complex problem-solving skills, so it might be worthwhile improving such skills should you want to find a suitable career path for yourself. Three industries are responsible for the impressive growth, and job opportunities in Scottsdale.

  • the tech industry
  • the real estate industry
  • the healthcare industry.

Tech Industry in Scottsdale

There are a ton of major tech companies that are based in Arizona-it ranks 12th in the nation for its percentage of the workforce in the tech industry.

They are also growing and expanding. These provide thousands of jobs to local, like those living in Scottsdale. These tech businesses include

  • GoDaddy
  • Valor Global Services
  • Yelp
  • Styr Labs Inc. T

These big names in employment employee people in many niches, which is what is attracting many people to the area. If you are looking, you can find work in cybersecurity, online management, and online finance.

Real Estate Industry in Scottsdale

The real estate industry in Scottdale is booming for numerous reasons. In fact 81% of Scottsdale population are homeowners. If you’re interested in going this statistic then RTT Home Group can help you see what’s for sale in Grayhawk, Scottsdale. Here are some benefits of Scottsdale real estate:

  • the smaller population than other metroplexes
  • the tremendous economic
  • business opportunities
  • it is relatively safe.

Schools in Scottsdale also rank high, which is a major determining factor for parents to buy houses in the city.

A lot of people are also retiring to Arizona, so a growing older population purchasing retirement houses also contributes the real estate industry.

Health Care Industry

A significant reason the healthcare industry in Scottsdale is booming is because it is the base for the famous Mayo Clinic. This leading health research clinic has been centered in Scottsdale since 1987. Since the Mayo Clinic called Scottsdale home, other healthcare businesses have come to Scottsdale and done well. This has led to a rise of healthcare admin careers and education resources in the area for roles both hands-on and administrative in the area.

With the growing population of families and retired couples, there are many reasons for different sectors of healthcare to bloom. Health care is currently the number one industry in Arizona for growth.

But, not only is health care accessible in Scottsdale, but cosmetic health care is also growing in the area such as laser surgery and plastic surgery in Scottsdale.


So, if you are looking for an excellent opportunity for a career change, consider moving to Scottsdale and finding a job in the tech, real estate, or the healthcare industry.

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