Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby Inc to premiere on SHARK TANK!!!! ( Giveaway )

We have an awesome Giveaway for you all sponsored by Sleeping baby and Zipadee Zip.  With our little guy we swaddled him from day one and he was sleeping thru the night from day 3.  It was wonderful.  You know what was not wonderful?  When we had to take away the swaddle.  He was bigger than most babies and they just did not fit anymore.  He had grown so accustom to them that just taking it away was a nightmare.  He started not sleeping thru the night and there was nothing we could do.

Don’t worry new parents there is something you can do.  The Zipadee Zip was designed to give you an option for the transition.  No more going from security to nothing.  The Zipadee has proven time and time again with parents they are the way to go.  I would have stocked up on these when my little guy was smaller.

The Zipadee will

Keep your baby warm and safe

Protect your little one from sharp fingernails

Keep his little hands warm and clean

Will fit in a car seat and in baby swings

Make him feel safe and protected to sleep well.

Now for the fun part you can watch all about them and root for them on Shark Tank this Friday the 26th . You will also have the chance to enter to win one of your very own with the raffle copter link below.

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