The Adventure Friends Ski Day Book Review

We got The Adventure Day Ski Day book free in exchange for an honest review.

Many people don’t know this, but I used to snowboard any chance i got.  For years we would pack up on the weekends and hit the slopes and had a blast.  The Adventure Friends Ski Day brought back so many memories.


If you have a little ones that loves the snow then this is going to be a great book for them.  The story was not only cute and well written, the art is fantastic.

I love a great book for my little one and one that shows a true love for the snow is even better.

Take a trip to the slops with a group of fun loving animals and a little chill time afterword.

The Adventure Friends Ski Day is released today and your kids are going to love it


  1. This is a cute book going to add it to amazon wish list. My great niece would love this and her birthday is coming up

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