Sister Candle

       Sister Candle

   When I saw this candle I knew it would be perfect for the Holiday Gift Guide.  My sister loves candles and even more she loves the cinnamon smell this time of year.   I love that it is made in the USA with 100% soy way.  She also uses essential oils for the scent. 

  This was a very big candle my sister will be able to burn it for quite a long time.  The scent is strong enough to smell it but will not over power you.    The label on it is also adorable.  They also have ones for friends and family so you can find there perfect one for the gift you want to give.  I always give my sister a gift card for Christmas but I also like to give her a gift to open.  This is perfect for this year it is something she can use and she is also going to love.  This is truly a quality made candle. 

  This candle is made in a mason jar too so when you are done no need to throw away the container you can use it again and again for storing things to decoration.  This would make a very cute flower vase when you are done.   You can get it send gift wrapped so no more work on your part and there is also a gift card attached.  This is truly a must have on the Holiday Gift Guide.

I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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